2020 Signature Project signage

This year of we are evaluating the signage within the business district with the goal of reducing sign clutter and enhancing way-finding. This project will include an inventory of current signs and development of way-finding concepts. Stay tuned for more details.

Lakeland Park Canal Wall Repaircanal

CACDA secured funding for the village from the NYS Canal Corp. for a second phase of repairs to the historic canal that connects Cazenovia Lake to Chittenango Creek. This project will include interpretive signage about the history of the canal and the connection to the Erie Canal.

Enhancements to Burton Street ParkBurton St Park

CACDA secured a grant from NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation on behalf of the village to improve the service building at this park. Enhancements will include accessible restrooms.

Local Waterfront Revitalization PlanLakeland Park

The village is in the process of developing a Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan through a NYS DOS grant secured by CACDA. The plan will serve to protect our waterfront resources and allow for funding of projects through the Local Waterfront Revitalization program. The focus will be on: enhancing physical and visual public waterfront access opportunities; revitalizing downtown areas; protecting community historic character; and enhancing recreation and tourism amenities.

CazArtsCazArts logo

With funding from Common Grounds, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, Cazenovia College, and a major grant secured by CACDA, we have helped to establish CazArts. This organization is now an independent non-profit with a mission to "nurture a community that promotes the arts". Please visit

Farmland Protection Implementation ProgramBikeCaz

CACDA secured a grant on behalf of the Cazenovia Preservation Foundation (CPF) from NYS Dep. of Agriculture and Markets to protect 471 acres of local farmland. CACDA will work with CPF over the coming year to implement this project.

Eradication of European FrogbitFrog Bit eradication

In response to growing concerns about a new threat to lake health, CACDA identified a funding opportunity offered by DEC to eradicate a highly invasive weed, European frogbit (Hydrocharis morsus-ranae) from Cazenovia Lake.  We successfully secured the grant and are partnering with the town, Cazenovia College, the Boy Scouts, and volunteers to complete the project. Volunteers are also needed to help hand pull frogbit weeds.   Contact us to find out how you can participate!

2019 Signature Projectarial view

In 2019, our focus was on development of a strong Downtown Revitalization Initiative proposal. This program is offered through Empire State Development and awards one community in the Central New York Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) region with $10 million for downtown revitalization. While we did not receive the award, our participation in this program results in priority for funding other economic development projects through the REDC. View the full proposal (PDF, 5.6MB).

2018 Signature Project CoWorks

In January of 2018, we were pleased to open Caz CoWorks at 87 Albany St.  For a low monthly fee, members enjoy 24/7 access to all common areas, conference room reservation rights, high speed internet, and opportunities to network with other professionals. Small private offices are also available.  Contact us to arrange a visit and find out more.

2016/2017 Signature ProjectMain St

CACDA’s Signature Project for 2016/2017 was to build consensus and implement projects to support and strengthen our community core.  This included development of an inventory of commercial space and implementation of a survey of the community to determine the gaps that exist in goods and services offered locally.  The next step included identifying strategies to encourage new businesses in areas where gaps were identified.

2015 Signature ProjectAmish

CACDA's Signature Project for 2015 was to strengthen the communication, understanding, and support for the newly established Amish Community in our area. We sponsored a lecture by the Amish community and installed two hitching rails.

2014 Signature Project - Bike CazBikeCaz

CACDA’s Signature Project for 2014 was to support a safe, healthy community and environment through encouraging bicycling as a recreational activity and a means of transportation.  Through this initiative, we are elevating our visibility as a cycling destination and encouraging visitors to stay and enjoy our local attractions.

We installed several bike racks, held a bike safety day and a snow bike race, and developed a Ride with GPS program.

2013 Signature Project - www.GoCaz.comtrail

CACDA’s Signature Project for 2013 was to create visibility and encourage use of our vast trail network and recreational amenities in Cazenovia.  This project was possible through grants from the Central New York Community Foundation, the Gifford Foundation, AmeriCU Credit Union, the Cazenovia Lions Club, and numerous individual donations.  Through comprehensive mapping of our trails, parks and cultural amenities, we  created an activity-driven interactive website that promotes multi-seasonal sports and recreational opportunities.  Additionally, art trailwe will use this information to identify future trail connections to and through the village.

Clean Energy Community Designation and Awards

With coordination from CACDA, the Town and Village of Cazenovia were among the first in New York to receive this designation and therefore were awarded $50,000 each to spend on projects to increase energy efficiency!  This money was used to replace village HVAC systems, upgrade town streetlights to LED, and improve insulation at the town highway garage.

Drinking Water Projects

CACDA secured significant funding for two drinking water projects.  Both federal and state grants were awarded in very competitive programs. This has allowed water to be extended east on Route 20 to the Trush Business Park which was previously serviced by underperforming wells.  In addition, enhancements were made at a town water district to improve water quality.

Creekside ParkCreekside

CACDA successfully secured funding for the development of a new village park along Chittenango Creek on Riverside Drive. 

Lakeland Park Hand Boat LaunchLakeland Park

A hand boat launch for kayaks and canoes was constructed along the canal at Lakeland Park with funding from the NYS Canal Corporation.  This project served to repair the canal wall as well.  The canal provides access to a very unique scenic experience for paddlers to enjoy by connecting users to a wonderful section of Chittenango Creek.

RecDesk               trail

The RecDesk website serves as a "virtual community center" and provides one single location for residents to visit to get involved in local activities. This project is a collaboration among several local organizations and improved communication of existing programs and reduced the administrative burden on local volunteer organizations.

Greater Cazenovia Art Trailart trail

CACDA initiated an art trail program to support and encourage the arts in the greater Cazenovia area. The first ever open studio program in Cazenovia was held in the fall of 2012 and is an annual, self-guided tour of artists' studios. This program draws people into the area to support and become educated about art in Cazenovia. The Greater Cazenovia Art Trail program is run by volunteers from both the art community and those who support arts in our community.



Exploring ConsolidationExploring Consolidation

CACDA is assisting the Town and Village of Cazenovia in exploring the potential for government consolidation. We secured a multi-phase grant from NYS to evaluate the options and determine the fiscal impact.  The goal is to provide the same or greater level of services at a lower cost to taxpayers.  This process will include opportunities for public input.

Micro-hydro Demonstration ProjectMicro-hydro

CACDA successfully secured funding for the expansion of the town micro-hydroelectricity generation facility located on Mill Street in the hamlet of New Woodstock.  This expansion used the existing infrastructure to generate electricity that offsets town energy usage at other sites such as the highway garage.  CACDA also secured funding for the development of interpretive displays at this site which describes old versus new technology and highlights the original iron waterwheel that is still located at the site.

Farmland Protection Implementation Projectcattle

CACDA assisted the Town of Cazenovia to work to revise various sections of the zoning law to align with recommendations made in the Town of Cazenovia Farmland Protection Plan.  This project was made possible through a grant from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.

Lakeland Park Planning ProjectLakeland Park

CACDA assisted the Village of Cazenovia in the creation of a vision and master plan for Lakeland Park and the historic Carpenter’s Barn.  This project was made possible through a grant from the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation. The plan, which was created with input from the community, addressed opportunities for greater connectivity between the park and the barn and will include suggestions for rehabilitation to enhance public use of the barn, ways to improve pedestrian circulation and access to recreation areas. In addition, a tree planting plan was be developed.

Records Management

CACDA assisted the Town and Village in a joint project to digitize the municipal real property records.  This ensured the preservation of official documents that must be retained in perpetuity. It freed up much needed storage space and allowed staff to easily retrieve needed files.  This project was made possible through funding from NYS Archives.

Sewer District Consolidationart trail

CACDA assisted the Town of Cazenovia in an initiative to consolidate the numerous sewer districts within the Town into one unified district.  This project was made possible through a grant from the NYS Department of State, Local Government Efficiency Program.  The consolidation provideed for ease and best practices in administration and allowed the Town to appropriately set annual budgets for operation and maintenance of the district.

Safe Routes to Schoolcrosswalk

The purpose of this project was to improve the safety of walking and bicycling to and from the two school campuses within the Village of Cazenovia through efforts to reduce excessive speed by motorists.  In addition, this project encouraged walking and bicycling to school through education of students and parents regarding the safest routes to our schools.

Cazenovia Promotional Video ProjectWelcome to Cazenovia

The Cazenovia Promotional video was produced in association with the Greater Cazenovia Area Chamber of Commerce and is an update to the video produced in 1998 titled, Cazenovia, New York – The Perfect Place to Live.  The final product is a YouTube video that highlights the outstanding quality of life that residents and visitors experience in Cazenovia. 

Handbook for Landownersart trail

CACDA assisted the Town of Cazenovia in the development of a booklet titled “Handbook for Landowners - Understanding the Tools, Opportunities, and Financial Implications of Farmland Protection”. This booklet was developed with funding from the NYS Scenic Byways Program.

The purpose of this booklet is to provide landowners and prospective landowners with clear, concise information regarding the various protections and incentives that make owning land and protecting open space more affordable.  The booklet provides information on such topics as:  agricultural districts, agricultural assessments, farm and forest land tax exemptions and tax credits, agricultural protection zoning, conservation easements, purchase of development rights, and the right-to-farm law.  «download»

Cazenovia Beverage Trailart trail

CACDA assisted in the establishment of a beverage tourism trail in the Greater Cazenovia area.  This was possible through a grant from Empire State Development through the Regional Tourism Marketing Initiative.  The purpose of this marketing project was to utilize cooperative marketing efforts to increase the overall touristic draw of the region and the trail members.  The project included the development and implementation of a marketing campaign.  The development, branding and marketing of the Cazenovia Beverage Trail has a direct, positive economic impact on our region through increased tourism.

Carpenters BarnCarpenters Barn project

After several years of planning and collaboration among many partners, the initial rehabilitation of Carpenter’s Barn was completed. This work was funded by a State Implementation Program grant of $250,000 secured through Assemblyman William Magee and a grant of $133,965 through the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) and NYS Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation. CACDA partnered with the Village of Cazenovia to complete the EPF application and has been responsible for administration of both grants.  Originally constructed as a carriage barn for the Carpenter estate, the large stone structure is located along the southeast side of Lakeland Park. Carpenter's Barn is owned by the Village of Cazenovia and is listed on the New York State and National Registers of Historic Preservation. Over the years, the barn suffered structural damage and was greatly in need of repairs.  Preserving the structure has been key to moving forward on a viable future use for Carpenter’s Barn. The Village is now in a position to begin planning for a future use for this community landmark.

Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plansfarm

The Towns of Nelson, Cazenovia & Lincoln have worked together to develop agriculture and farmland protection plans with assistance and funding that was secured by CACDA from the NYS Dept of Ag & Markets.  Farmers, elected officials and landowners from each of the three towns worked with a consultant from Stuart I Brown Associates to complete the plans.

Purchase of Development Rights Programpurchase of development rights

CACDA was a facilitating partner in permanently protecting 216 acres at Critz Farms and also assisted in protecting more than 600 acres of valuable soil in the Cazenovia area.

Shoreline RenovationCazenovia Lake shoreline project

More than 30 local residents volunteered their time and energy to help renovate the shoreline at Lakeland Park in 2006.  This project included planting indigenous seeds and installing native plants in a 20 foot buffer zone between the grass and the water’s edge.  This project benefited the community by enhancing Cazenovia Lake water quality, providing better wildlife habitat and reducing maintenance on the site.  It also provides an example of best practices.



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